Water and Traffic

Don’t take it for granted.

“Three student projects on show at Made in Brunel earlier this month took the idea of moving the function of a water meter to the tap (faucet) itself, to act as a ‘speedometer‘ and thus encourage users to reduce their water usage (or wastage). The three projects, while similar, have slightly different emphases:”
Changing Behaviour: water meter taps, fulminate//Architectures of Control, June 28, 2007

We could use these in public restrooms, etc. in California. Everyone forgets this place is a desert and our imported, some say stolen, water is supporting more humans than should be living here.

And while I’m on this subject…

Population increases in Riverside County, CA:

2000: 1.6 million; 2050: 4.7 (I should be dead by then, but still, that’s 203% and nuts)

LA County, on the other hand…

2000: 9.6 million; 2050: 13.1 million (only 36%, and I’ll still be dead)

“‘John Husing, an economist who studies the Inland Empire, is betting that even in land-rich Riverside County, more vertical development is on the horizon. Part of the reason: a multi-species habitat conservation plan that went into effect in 2005, preserving 550,000 acres of green space that otherwise would have vanished. “The difficult thing will be for anybody who likes where they live in Riverside County because it’s rural,” Husing said. “In 2050, you might still find rural out by Blythe, but other than that, forget rural.” Husing predicts that growth will be most dramatic beyond the city of Riverside as the patches of empty space around communities such as Palm Springs, Perris and Hemet begin to fill in with housing tracts. The Coachella Valley, for example, will become fully developed and seem like less of a distinct area outside of Riverside, he said. “It’ll be desert urban, but it’ll be urban. Think of Phoenix,” he said. Expect a lot of the new development in Riverside County to go up along the 215 Freeway between Perris and Murrieta, according to Riverside County Planning Director Ron Goldman. Thousands of homes have popped up in that area in the last decade, and Goldman said applications for that area indicate condominiums are next. The department is so busy that he’s hiring 10 people who’ll start in the next month.'”
Traffic Hell is Coming, Bottleneck blog, July 10, 2007

Terrible of me, but I was just thinking the other day that some horrific, uniquely California event would clear up a lot of space hereabouts. I really should stop thinking that way. I should start thinking that, oh, say, somehow Oklahoma becomes such a paradise some of these 9.6 million souls set up shop there and live happily ever after. Yeah, that’s it. Moves there and votes Democrat. Hey, that would be paradise. What d’ya think the chances of that are?

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