A world without guitar lessons…

…is not a world I wish to live in:

“Thousands of guitar students lost a valuable resource last week. The most popular guitar teacher on YouTube saw his more than 100 videos yanked from the site. The reason: a music company accused him of copyright infringement for an instructional video on how to play a Rolling Stones song.”
YouTube Guitar Lessons Pulled in Copyright Spat, by Frank Langfitt, NPR, July 6, 2007 (via Recoding Industry vs The People, who have more stomach for this than I do)

I’m starting to think the music industry hates music. Will it now be necessary to go underground to learn “Stairway to Heaven”? Okay, not a good example! Um, okay, how about “House of the Rising Sun”? No? Oh, okay, I got it: “Folsom Prison Blues.” Yeah, the original Punk anthem. Just try to stop someone from leaning that song.

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