Potholes and YOU!

“Fact: Currently, there are over 200,000 requests for pothole repair are received annually (but not all are technically potholes’).

“Fact: Most road erosion or abrasions are not potholes. See this chart for an explanation of a pothole (and what’s not a pothole).”
Potholes don’t fill themselves, LA City Nerd, July 7, 2007

Jesus, the LA City Nerd really lives up to hir name sometimes.

Oh, and thank Elvis for the new safety measures in those freaky 110 tunnels, and the circus is walking down Fig at 9:30 PM on July 22. I’m not cool enough to be there, but don’t let that stop anybody from having a good time. As LACN says, “…elephants walking the street at night on Figueroa.” Ooooh, very tempting!

Update 071707: Cue the animal activists, but they’re not ruining it.

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