Why can’t we have this?

Healthy San Francisco, here’s the SF Chron story on the first subscribers. (via Calitics)

Here’s how it’s funded:

“Healthy San Francisco will be financed through a combination of employer, individual, the City and County of San Francisco contributions, and other public sources. The City and County of San Francisco currently spends $104 million on the uninsured. This funding may be redirected toward Healthy San Francisco.”
Healthy SF FAQ.

Sheet, LA County spends $104 million a week on our uninsured (okay, I made that up, but you know what I mean).

So, why can’t LA County have something like this, too? Most of our uninsured never leave the county (they don’t have any money, where would they go?), so that would work, especially for the kids of the working poor.

Aren’t we as cool as San Francisco? If not, I haven’t heard about it.

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