Ooooh, schadenfreude…

“The wheels are falling off of Rocky Delgadillo’s career. Well, if you enjoy implosions, grab some popcorn. Not since Chuck Quackenbush has the state of California such a spectacular downfall of a politician. While Delgadillo didn’t garner that much support against the far more well-known Jerry Brown in the Attorney General primary, he certainly wasn’t laughed off the stage.

“So, the litany of stories about Delgadillo’s downfall were a bit much. First came the stories about Michelle Delgadillo driving without a valid driver’s license, and then emerged the stories about Delgadillo driving without auto insurance. You know, both of those things are pretty big no-nos. Especially considering that the suspended license charge was the same one that Delgadillo prosecuted Paris Hilton for. Now, Mrs. Delgadillo didn’t have the extensive history of run-ins with the law like Paris Hilton, but it does seem a bit sketchy.

“And that’s not all on the driving mishaps. You can throw in the fact that Mrs. Delgadillo backed into a pole with a city SUV (while driving without a license), and then Rocky had it repaired at city expense. Rocky since reimbursed the city for the repairs.”
The Implosion of Rocky Delgadillo, by Brian Leubitz, Calitics, Sat Jun 23, 2007 at 09:05:17 AM PDT

Oh, and there more if you click the above link.

And of course let’s not forget this either:

“Enter Rocky Delgadillo, the L.A. city attorney. Since his election last year, he’s focused on child abuse, creating a special unit to deal with it. As useful as that may be, in the hands of an unscrupulous prosecutor it can become an instrument of persecution—especially when aimed at a star with a prior sex rap. Sources say that when the D.A. rejected the Reubens case, officers involved in the investigation brought it to Delgadillo. (The D.A.’s office says the case was transferred because it involved a misdemeanor.) With just a day to spare before the one-year statute of limitations expired, Delgadillo issued a warrant for Reubens’s arrest. If convicted, he could spend a year in prison, but even if acquitted he will probably suffer professionally. For an androgynous former star of children’s TV, two strokes and you’re out.”
Persecuting Pee-wee. A Child-Porn Case That Threatens Us All, by Richard Goldstein, Village Voice, January 15-21, 2003

Here’s how that case shook out:

“One of the most well-publicized prosecutions by Delgadillo’s office was that of entertainer Paul Reubens, more commonly known as Pee Wee Herman, for possession of child pornography. Delgadillo’s office arranged a plea bargain requiring Reubens to pay a $100 fine and serve three years of probation.”
Rocky Delgadillo, Wikipedia. Here’s the Press Release on the verdict. Does the City Atty always issue press releases on verdicts? I was glad Jerry Brown won the Attorney General election and now I’m even more glad.

Oh, and Mr. and Mrs. Delgadillo also made Franklin Avenue’s Angelenos of the Week.

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