Hillary’s Hillary problem

“In Bernstein’s account the mystery of Hillary is largely explained by her fraught relationship with Bill. She was pretty enough, but an awkward, wonky, young woman; he was a brilliant, ambitious, sexually magnetic stud; and in following him to Arkansas she seemed to have thrown her future as, say, a high-profile Washington public interest lawyer. ‘My friends and family thought I had lost my mind,’ Bernstein quotes her as saying. He insists that theirs is, or sometimes was, a deep connection – sexual, intellectual and committed to their joint political ‘journey.’

“But it was a relationship irreparably twisted by Bill’s compulsive priapism, which seems to have put the young Hillary into a permanent rage, but, perversely, also bound them ever more tightly together. In the unstable molecule we used to call ‘Billary,’ he was the id and she was the super-ego, a role she clearly relished even as it poisoned her with resentment. As Bernstein argues, Bill dalliances only increased her power in the relationship, since, as a rising political star, he needed a smart, loyal wife to fend off the press and publicly stand by her man. When they entered the White House in 1993 on the heels of the Gennifer Flowers scandal, the outwardly forgiving Hillary was at the height of her power, eager to assume the ‘co-presidency.'”
Who is Hillary Clinton?, Barbara Ehrenreich, June 19, 2007

Y’know, unless it’s Satan or a DINO, I’ll vote for whomever gets the Dem nomination next year, but, please God, could it be Al Gore (or someone cooler [if that’s even possible]) and not anyone else? Please?

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