This weekend

And so, for reasons even I don’t fully understand, I saw “Pirate of the Caribbean 3,” “Fantastic Four 2,” and “Ocean’s 13.” Of the three “Ocean’s 13,” flawed though it was, was best because there wasn’t a fucking wedding in it. Twisty’s right, it’s got to go.

And, as was brought to my attention, Sue Storm is a scientist and we know this because she was working on a space station when she got her powers. In FF2, the world is ending but she’s a marriage and relationship obsessed idiot. The Silver Surfer was cool though.

In POTC3, Will Turner and E. Swann get married in the middle of a kick-ass battle and it just ruined the action for me. POTC3 is also about 2 hours too long, though Keith Richards was cool.

Meh, well I got my movie-going out of my system for the year. Don’t pay money for these, them if you must.

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