Scoutmasters in Paradise

“‘Orange County Boy Scouts chief Leslie Baron and 31 Scouting executives from around the nation did just that in January, with the Orange County chapter picking up the tab for more than $27,000 in banquets, cocktails, rounds of golf and fishing trips.’

“‘Rooms for the three Orange County delegates were an additional $5,200.'”

“I have to point out another irony in addition to that of a non-profit that just recently whined all over the OC about loosing United Way funding spending thousands on an exotic trip to paradise; read this from Steven Greenhut on Orange Punch December 20, 2006.

“It should be noted that the Orange County Boy Scouts raised a big stink over the loss of funding, just three weeks before their vacation in paradise, January 10-13, 2007.

“Key West is the Number 2 ranked Gay Resort destination in the United States.”


“Hmmm, they won’t let gays in the Boy Scouts, but they will let the Scout Masters loose in a gay resort destination.”
Where the Boys Are!, OC Liberal, June 8, 2007

There must be something in the water in OC.

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