I’m back

Here’s something cool to stare helplessly at while I get it back together after 9 wonderful days in the UK. I love the internet, rilly I do.

(via Twisty, whose blog is so cool I get frostbite everytime I go there)

Oh, and ps:

Here’s what I forgot to post on my way out the door:

“I will be offline for about two weeks

So you won’t be here in vain, here’s a daily link for y’all:

May 29: The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society Miscellanea and Ephemeron

May 30: WTF is it Now?

May 31: Wood S Lot

June 1: Shatnerian

June 2: Happening Here?

June 3: B12 Partners in Solipisim

June 4: The Crone Speaks

June 5: Working Californians Blog

June 6: Schneier on Security

June 7: Knight Science Journalism Tracker

June 8: Start Drawing

June 9: LA Collage

June 10: Recording Industry vs. The People

June 11: A View From a Broad

June 12 (but I should be back by now): Democratic Veteran

Oh well, enjoy anyway.

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