New restaurant in Lincoln Heights

For those of you who are in Northeast LA, there’s a new restaurant around the corner from me in Lincoln Heights that pretty good. Well Being Spicy Chicken, click for menu and map because they don’t have a webpage. It’s on the south side of North Broadway, between Workman and Sichel in LH, in the middle of the block, street address is 2706 North Broadway, they’re open from 10AM to 8:30PM. I like it; it’s kind of a Chinese-Mexican-Other fusion because almost everything has jalapeños in it and the sides on most dishes are white rice, French fries and cole slaw. I can’t take much picante, and though I stick to the fried chicken and won ton soup (which takes half an hour to cool), I have survived the Spicy Chicken twice so far. They also have really good coffee, but bring your own creamer because all they have for it is Creamora-like stuff. So if you feel like something new, c’mon down to LH. Free parking in the back off Workman, south of North Broadway.

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