Female Ejaculation: a Christian man’s perspective

“Even if a woman has a small ejaculation, it can be messy. The amount of semen a man ejaculates can make an incredibly large mess; and since female ejaculate is thinner than male ejaculate it can spread even more. Being subject to gravity it can quickly soak through several layers of towels and leave a wet spot on the bed. Some couples resort to waterproof mattress covers, but this is probably more extreme than necessary; a single towel with a layer of plastic under it is sufficient. (Just keep a piece of an old shower curtain in the night table drawer!).

“Whatever the facts are, just enjoy everything God made you to enjoy!”
Female Ejaculation, The Marriage Bed, Sex and Intimacy for Married Christians, by Paul (via Lock the Bedroom Door)

Well, okay. Graphic under the jump. Hm.

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