Irvine Passes Living Wage Law

“What’s a Living Wage?

“Definition: A policy requiring employers to increase hourly wages of any employees paid below a certain hourly rate.
Hourly rate: Typically a living wage is set so that on a full-time basis, wages are equal to or greater than the amount required to bring a family of four above the federal poverty line. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ 2006 guidelines indicate $20,000 as the poverty threshold for a family of four.
Living wage: The first living wage ordinance was enacted in Baltimore in 1994. As of May 2005, about 130 jurisdictions in the nation had passed some form of a living wage ordinance. Of California’s 478 incorporated cities, 20 have passed some form of living wage ordinance.
Sources: HayGroup study of living wages, ACORN Living Wage Resource Center

“So businesses doing work with the city will now be required to pay their employees at least $10 an hour or a minumum of $400 a week of $20,800 per year.”
Irvine Passes Living Wage Law, The Liberal OC, May 25, 2007

Wow… Irvine… My God, there’s hope for everything!

Although $20,800/year don’t buy much in OC, it’s a good start on a more fair and better society.

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