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“The Wm. J. Clinton Foundation, with Bill himself explaining it on Wednesday, has lassoed a team of banks, energy service companies, and 16 of the world’s biggest cities to reduce energy use dramatically. Tactics include more efficient buildings, lighting standards, alternate energy sources, and the like. The Clinton Climate Initiative provides Microsoft tools for measuring how a city’s policies change greenhouse gas emissions, and financing to install superior technologies in buildings.”
Bill Clinton gathers a bucket of money for 16 cities to go green

“The AP’s Maria Cheng has a catchy lede here: “If it really is what’s on the inside that counts, then a lot of thin people might be in trouble.” True enough, thanks to that “might be”. However, her source — an imaging expert in the UK where she is based — seems to be a bit of an iconoclast. Thus the story might better stress right off the bat that his ideas are not, for now anyway, mainstream.”
Are some thin people just tucking their fat out of sight (and clogging arteries, etc) ? Some say so, others don’t.

“Thanks to its passage across the face of its star as seen from Earth, Swiss astronomers have measured the size and hence density of a planet circling its star some 30 light years away. The conclusion: it’s mostly water. But the planet, the mass of Neptune, is so close to its star and has such pressure that its water is both hot, and solid. Ergo, hot ice. It seems odd more reporters did not bite on this one. Hot ice? That’s a wow. The report is to be in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.”
A big, hot, far away planet made mostly of (hot) ice

And the horrors of SEX!
“Toronto Globe & Mail Andre Picard runs it under the startling hed “Oral sex can lead to throat cancer.” That could zip a few lips even though, in the story, he says the good news is that the higher risk remains fairly low; Washington Post Rob Stein puts up high that this may explain rising throat cancer among young people who neither smoke nor drink heavily. A source tells him that if vaccination is good for the girls, ditto for boys; The Register (UK) Lewis Page goes for cheeky, coarse humor with the hed: “Oral sex could be more dangerous than cigars – Looks bad for Clinton either way.” You guys, cool it with Clinton
HPV cancer, vaccine etc. studies in the news

That’s all for now, Science Fans!

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