Never heard of alternative energy

“The following is a review of US Air Force Major Patrick Sullivan’s 2006 thesis for a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the National Military Intelligence College (NMIC). The thesis examines China’s strategy to ‘buy equity oil interests’ around the globe, the methods that they employ in that task, and the resulting impacts on global oil production and US national security concerns.

“This review should also be of interest because it offers a window into the strategic thinking of the US intelligence community. NMIC is the training ground for the next generation of American strategic decision makers. I have searched every thesis paper in the NMIC system for the last 9 years—no paper deals specifically with Peak Oil. This is the only thesis that deals with the geopolitics of global energy scarcity—in this case, the rise of resource mercantilism in China.”
Wildcats & Tigers: China’s Oil Acquisition Strategy, The Oil Drum, May 9, 2007

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