Men hate you (TwistyTM)

I write a little about misogyny in comic books, but I think we should all remember that misogyny is a real world problem because too many men hate women. I won’t say all men, but some days it sure seems that way.

The DeAnza Case: men really hate teenage drunk girls reminds me uncomfortably of the OC rape case where Jane Doe passed out and was gang raped by three men who taped it and passed around DVDs of the rape. The first trial, with video evidence, ended in a mistrial. Back in the DeAnza case: was there no DNA evidence? I wonder. Sounds like the cops screwed up on this one. If she went to the hospital and there was a rape kit or whatever, wouldn’t there be DNA evidence for at least one of the rapists?

Note to my readers: don’t pass out at parties. Don’t drink out of a glass that has been left unattended for even a few minutes. Stick to weak drinks and fruit juice and hope nobody puts the date rape drug in it. How sad that it has to be like this, but it is.

Oh, and comic books, well, here’s the deal on that. Comic books, not all of them, but far too many of them, that dehumanize women are part of the larger problem of women being treated like things. Things that can be raped, mutilated, murdered, etc. When Marvel and DC and whomever make the rape, murder and mutilation of women attractive to sell books to teenage boys, they make the world a little less safe for women of all ages.

I realize that not all men are monsters, but the victim in the DeAnza case was raped in front of a roomful of cheering onlookers, many of whom were men. Why, you might ask, didn’t anyone stop it? I can tell you why no woman tried to stop it, because she would have been the next rape victim. And the men in the room? They must have been enjoying it, and this is part of the dehumanization of which I speak. Would they have been so keen if the victim were a man being forcibly sodomized by three men? I think not. Of note, it was a woman at the party who took the victim to the hospital, not a man or the police. I salute that woman and call her sister. (Update 052507: There were three women rescuers and, if you have the stomach for it, here’s what they saw.)

The corrupt thinking of the rapists and onlookers in the DeAnza case and the OC rape case, and the image of tentacle rape on a comic book cover and the MaryJane Porno statue are the same. Women transformed into things that can be used and disposed of without conscience or even thought. Raped, mutilated, murdered, etc. This is why women are up in arms over the cover and the statue and more. Real-life rape and murder is at least sort of still a crime, although the DA is also a villain in the DeAnza case, the larger theme is that the victim was degraded into an object, a receptacle for the rapists hatred of women.

I’ve no idea why most men hate women so much. Why, guys? What is it that causes the horrors men visit on women? And is it ever going to get better for all of us?

I have a pet theory that all girls should be raised like Shaolin monks: able to defend themselves physically, but also able to meditate and live peacefully. I think this because the way things are, the majority of men are just not going to change on their own. This makes me sad, but there you have it.

Full disclosure: I have known a few gentlemen, and stories like the DeAnza case make me wish there were more like them in the world.

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