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Men hate you (TwistyTM)

I write a little about misogyny in comic books, but I think we should all remember that misogyny is a real world problem because too many men hate women. I won’t say all men, but some days it sure seems … Continue reading

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Better than FEMA

“The prototype, called a ‘clean hub,’ is made from an old, 20-foot-long storage container and houses a bathroom complete with a composting toilet and a solar shower, a 4,400-gallon water tank, a foot pump-powered sink, and water collection and filtration … Continue reading

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Never heard of alternative energy

“The following is a review of US Air Force Major Patrick Sullivan’s 2006 thesis for a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the National Military Intelligence College (NMIC). The thesis examines China’s strategy to ‘buy equity oil interests’ around … Continue reading

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Mavel gives you…

Made in America… Tentacle porn! This is not Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife and vice versa.

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