ASBAR 5: There goes my street cred

I know it’s uncool to like All Star Batman and Robin, but I love this book. Okay, there was year between issues 4 and 5, and my personal shopper at Comic Odyssey wonders if this series will ever conclude in our lifetimes, but I just don’t care. I don’t care about Vicki Vale’s ass in issue 1 or Black Canary’s impossible bustier in issue 3. I do not care how cheesecake bordering on bad taste it all is. I love this stupid comic. Perhaps I’m odd, but it’s so over the top, I find if more goofy than offensive. So there. A year between issues sucks a lot, but I certainly found other things to read.

Anyway, let me recap ASBAR 5: Wonder Woman is one pissed off half-naked Amazon and penetrates the Justice League tree house, where she throws a first-class hissy fit. Superman is a jerk to her. Hal Jordan gets her coat; what a gentleman. Plastic Man? WTF? Of course on the next page there’s the goddam Batman running around Gotham with an erection. No, you can’t see it, but it’s there. Meanwhile, back at the Batcave chapter of NAMBLA, Robin is still in those adorable pajamas! Yeah, but now he’s armed and this is probably a good move on his part. Will there be spanking? I wonder. Oooh, cute slippers, too! Has Alfred been saving this outfit all these years? Ew.

DC, you and your copyright can chompe ma verge, I’m calling this Fair Use, buckos, here’s where you can send the C&D. Click on the images for larger size:

You know, I think these are less DC characters than monsters of Frank Miller’s Id. That would make a lot more sense.

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