LJ on Bloglines?

Does anyone know what I can do to read LiveJournals on Bloglines again? Or why I can’t? That would be very sad, because Bloglines is perfect for LJ. Wading through my “Friends” list wears me out, especially when I’m just looking for the occasional, specialized post. But Bloglines lets me be in the driver seat.

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2 Responses to LJ on Bloglines?

  1. Elayne Riggs says:

    I have lots of LJs that I read on Bloglines. Click on “Add” in the left window near the top, then click on “Communities” in the right window. The LiveJournal choice is the fifth one down; just enter the person’s LJ user name and that should do it.

  2. Ginger says:

    Thanks for the low-down, Elayne.

    Oh, maaaaan, why did they change this? It worked fine before. The deal is that I “was” subscribed to all these LJs and I can see them on my show all list, but, as I recently discovered to my horror, many of them were active, but the posts never hit my bloglines. I’ve no idea how much time went by before I realized Ginmar was being way too quiet (and then realized, she wasn’t). Anyway, I just resubbed to the ones I can’t live w/out, I’ll get the rest in my copious spare time.

    What I like about bloglines is that I can sub to a blog and then pretty much forget about it until there’s a post. I have a yen for a very obscure type of FMA slash, so I’m subbed to some very obscure and quiet LJs in hopes that someday I’ll get some decent Roy/Russell action. Ah well.

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