How to make California more sane

“Why should we be going after Gary Miller? Why should we bother with Dana Rohrabacher? Why should we be investing in building Democratic infrastructure in such ‘hopelessly red places’ like South Orange County? Why should we be growing the progressive grassroots in such ‘strongly Republican towns’ as Yorba Linda and Huntington Beach? Why should we even be talking about organizing in such ‘red counties’ as Orange County? Perhaps we should be organizing in these ‘red counties’ because they are not actually as ‘hopelessly Republican’ as we think they are. Perhaps we should take a second look at these red areas because they are fast turning purple, and have the potential to turn blue. Perhaps we should look at these areas because their populations are growing as the populations of such ‘safe blue areas’ as San Francisco and Los Angeles are stagnating. Perhaps we should do something in these ‘red areas’ because these regions are the key to keeping California blue.”
How to Turn “Red Counties” Blue, Calitics, May 6, 2007

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