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Sorry for the rush: Just say no to the National ID card

“I’ve written about the U.S. national ID card — REAL ID — extensively (most recently here). The Department of Homeland Security has published draft rules regarding REAL ID, and are requesting comments. Comments are due today, by 5:00 PM Eastern … Continue reading

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The way things are going…

Five million years in the future. After the hypothetical fall of humanity, post-humans have radiated into many open econiches left by an extinction event of their own making. These post-humans are brutes; expensive brains have been downsized. They’re also being … Continue reading

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Our messed up fourth estate

“Look at how Bush had operated as president of the Texas Rangers baseball club, they said. Bush let the managers manage the team and the financial guys run the business. He spent his time making sure the political coalition to … Continue reading

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