The well runs dry eventually

“We all know the world is finite. The number of atoms is finite, and these atoms combine to form a finite number of molecules. The mix of molecules may change over time, but in total, the number of molecules is also finite.

“We also know that growth is central to our way of life. Businesses are expected to grow. Every day new businesses are formed and new products are developed. The world population is also growing, so all this adds up to a huge utilization of resources.

“At some point, growth in resource utilization must collide with the fact that the world is finite. We have grown up thinking that the world is so large that limits will never be an issue. But now, we are starting to bump up against limits.”
Our World Is Finite: Is This a Problem?, by Gail the Actuary, Oil Drum, April 30, 2007

Evidement, ma cherie.

Gail’s got a nice set of charts in this article. I wish I had a set of charts like that.

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