Another poorly thought-out woman-bashing study

“A new study that finds that in the United States, men and women work about equal hours. (In poorer countries, women work more.) For me, there is one major problem with this study—it lumps women who work full-time outside the home, those who work part-time outside the home, and those who work only in the home into one category. It makes sense to me that in families where one spouse works in the marketplace and the other works at home, the time spent would be roughly equal, possibly skewing the results for those couples where both spouses had paid work.”
Women, it seems, do not work more than men, Rebecca’s Pocket, April 30, 2007

This is stupid. Does it factor in the women who work eight or more hours a day and come home to do child care and housework and cook? These are the women who actually work sixteen to twenty hours a day (and don’t get no respect). No? Then it sucks.

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