Teenage girl publicaly tortured to death

Goddammit, what’s wrong with the world?

Hey, no warnings; this isn’t a comic book, this is real. (via Twisty)

UPDATE 051707: More video, if you can stand to watch it. Aren’t we supposed to like the Kurds? That’s beyond me now.

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2 Responses to Teenage girl publicaly tortured to death

  1. Joanne says:

    Don’t forget the petition

  2. Mercurial Georgia says:

    My complaint with the petition link: It doesn’t work, especially an online one, see Snopes for why. ‘Who’ is collecting these sigs? What will be done with them? Who are those sigs being sent to? How will the receiving person deal with online sigs?

    Marches and rallies are more useful, although still tangentially since we are in different places. A march by cause A in country X shows the officials of country X that supporters of cause A exist, in a democracy, officials X will be worried about being voted out of office, in a dictatorship, officials X will be worried about an uprising (in some ways, a march that has successfully took place in a dictatorship is more effective than one that had in a democracy).

    Who will paid attention in Iraq? Well, the Americans are still there right now, and since I doubt that Bush will listen, I think, the Democrats must be appeal to, this must be made an issue for them to address before they pull out or even after they pull out. (Just because you’ve withdrawn troops doesn’t mean that you wash your hands clean of the mess you’ve made, money please! For their infrastructure, it’s hard for order to be kept when there is none. Money for a previously neutral party to step in. Money for Red Cross. Money for women organizations there.)

    If you are really, really, daring, and have the means, like, more money than the average people, you could go directly to Iraq, and offer your resources to the women who have organized there. Be ready to die, be prepared for torture, bring your guns. This is a really extreme thing, but shall someone do it, it would help a lot.

    – MG, who found this link via Twisty (http://blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com/2007/05/05/vile/) who was linked to by Amanda Marcotte (http://pandagon.net/2007/05/07/women-are-to-blame-for-everything-including-and-especially-male-abuse-towards-them/#comment-401487).

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