Candidate Desert Island Necessities


* Sen. Joe Biden: “Jill, my wife.”
* Sen. Hillary Clinton: “A good book.” (Not Bill!?!)
* Sen. Chris Dodd: “Coffee with cream and sugar.”
* John Edwards: “A book.”
* Rep. Dennis Kucinich: His wife, Elizabeth.
* Sen. Barack Obama: “Other than my wife and my kids, an inanimate object I would have to have would probably be a good book.”
* Gov. Bill Richardson: “Blackberry and a Davidoff cigar.”


* Sen. Sam Brownback: “Tarp.”
* Rudy Giuliani: “Books and music.”
* Mike Huckabee: “Laptop with satellite reception.”
* Rep. Duncan Hunter: “Mrs. Hunter.”
* Sen. John McCain: “Books.”
* Mitt Romney: “My wife, Ann.”
* Rep. Tom Tancredo: “Boat.”
Via Working Californian’s Blog, by Julia, May 2, 2007

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