Freeway Photojournalism

“Orange County has more people than twenty states do, and it averages close to 4,000 people per square mile.

“It’s no wonder then that a typical 30-minute commute, from the county’s north to south, occasionally turns into a two-hour nightmare.

“I thought about watching how all of you handle the stress.

“In my car, I have some great camera gear, including a really big lens for those times when I can’t get close to the action. I thought it would be interesting to put that lens to use and chronicle commuters stuck in traffic during the morning rush.

“Most of the time I stood on the Orange (57) Freeway overpass on Yorba Linda Boulevard in Fullerton and watched drivers traveling from the direction of Los Angeles County. Friendly people waved or honked as they passed beneath me. The paranoid few shared their limited sign language with me.”
Orange Slices:Chores wrapped up on road, by Bruce Chambers, OC Register, April 22, 2007 (via Bottleneck Blog, which I’m finding way too entertaining)

Oh. My. God. These photos of people in their cars are a laugh riiiot! We can seeee you in there!

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