LA Event Traffic Paranoia

“Visions of mass gridlock turned into versions of mobile grandeur Monday as commuters found themselves coping just fine with immigrant protests that closed major streets in Los Angeles. It had been billed as the motorists’ day from hell. But automobile flow through most of the city turned into a traffic triumph, the likes of which Los Angeles hasn’t seen since it managed to keep freeways and streets flowing during the 1984 Olympics. Surface streets around downtown were holiday-light for the morning commute. Many workers decided to stay home, work from other locations or take public transportation. Those who left home early to drive to work found themselves settling in at their desks in record time. (see full story below; photo: LAT)”
Protest traffic: how bad?, Bottleneck Blog, April 28, 2007

Feh. My town can handle anything… when it wants to.

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