Another UPDATE! UPDATE already: Defendez la Pibgorn!

May 11, 2007: Pibgorn at, May 14, 2007, but Dru! is on the page already.

May 7, 2007: Pibgorn’s new home will be at on May 14!

This just in:


Brooke McEldowney

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Updated April 20, 2007

This just in from Brooke McEldowney:

With United Media’s announcement that “Pibgorn” is to be discontinued, I have been inundated with e-mail, much of it agitated and distressed. I’m very sorry you had to get the news in this rather dispassionate way. That I may answer your central question forthwith, I’ve composed this response for everyone – so please forgive me if I seem impersonal.


There. That is the main thing I wanted to say., however, will, as they have announced, no longer be the source. Nothing dramatic happened, really. I simply came to feel that the editorial needs of and those of “Pibgorn” were becoming more and more divergent and incompatible. For this reason I asked to be released from my contract with United Media in order to secure a new online home for “Pibgorn.” United Media most graciously, and reluctantly, agreed. In short order I hope to get Pib back up and flying.

Meanwhile, you have seen the most current installments of “Pibgorn.” Hold that thought. We’ll be back.

All best wishes, and thanks so very much for writing.

Brooke McEldowney
9 Chickweed Lane



Whoa, does anyone know anything about this rumor that is discontinuing Pibgorn on April 19?!?!?!!? It’s my favorite webcomic ever and it just started a new storyline (with a naked man [it just doesn’t get any better than that]).

Any information would be very welcome here at the Pibgorn shrine, thanks.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thank goodness, Pibgorn will survive!! I understand incompatibility with the hosting site, and will continue to do regular web searches until I find it in it’s new home, wherever that may be. Thank you, Mr McEldowney!

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