Universal Healthcare

“‘Real universal health care is demonstrably possible. SB 840 (the California Universal Healthcare Act), a bill I am carrying in the California Legislature, covers every California resident with comprehensive, affordable health benefits, and contains the growth of health-care spending while improving quality. Most importantly, it gives patients total choice of their doctors and hospital. It works by consolidating the money we–employers, families and government–currently spend on health care. Everyone pays something in and everyone gets coverage–just one affordable premium–without co-pays or deductibles. This allows us to reduce the costs of administering our fragmented system from 30 percent of every health-care dollar down to 5 percent, a savings of $20 billion in the first year. ‘”
Singer Payer in CA, Calitics, April 5, 2007

Hey, if it can happen, it usually starts in CA. I give you Prop 13, not the greatest example, but definitely the start of class warfare disguised as tax revolt. I’d rather have universal healthcare myself.

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