Patrick Nielsen Hayden Kirbyfies it for you

“As for the danger of Friedmanizing, I was comparing Blackberry models with my cab driver in Nogales when it struck me with the force of a mattress full of Communion wafers. The Middle East is the Kirby Silver Surfer, while Davos Man is one of Joltin’ Jack’s later New Gods! This explains everything, certainly why we wound up walking back from the maquiladora. Condi Rice is John Constantine, whereas Dick Cheney is just poor old Ben Grimm. If you carry a hammer while flying business class, you’ll never see the changes transforming the entire posteconomic multiverse. Only when the Bush Administration learns to outsource its hidden transaction costs will we see a meeting of the Lexus, the olive tree, the Fascist octopus, the jackboot, the melting pot, and the great swan song that is Web 2.0. Underneath the Overton window, the world is well and truly flat. Mark my words.”
The phony middle and why we all fall for it, Making Light, April 4, 2007

PNH is the Adam Warlock of blogging; I can almost understand him. Actually, this is a very good political cultural post (via Rebecca Blood) if you don’t get too bogged down in the comments, which is what happened to me.

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