Feminism, because that’s what it is, and comic books, which are not just for kids

“So, Steph doesn’t matter to me that much a character, but she matters to me as a very powerful symbol. And unfortunately, that symbol is now one of how the contributions of women are systematically denied, ignored, explained away, and undercut in every way. Of how one standard exists for males (Jason Todd) and how another standard exists for women (Stephanie Brown).”
On the Topic of Stephanie Brown, by Katherine Keller, Sequential Tart, April 2007

Just go read it. Anything I said here about it would just be goofy.

And did you know Joanna Russ wrote a book called How to Suppress Women’s Writing, published in 1983? Neither did I, but it’s on the must read list now.

And if DC had the guts to have a female Robin in Batman, they could at least have the guts to properly acknowledge her. What they’re doing now by denying her cancels any good they did by creating her in the first place. What? Did they scare themselves? It’s 2007, DC (and you, too, Marvel), women read superhero comics and they’re bugged about a lot of things. A memorial case for Stephanie Brown is a good start and easy way to start making your comics slightly less misogynistic. You can’t undo the incredibly creepy way you killed her, but you can show her some respect. And maybe some of this respect will eventually wend its way into the rest of our society. Worth a try, yes?

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