Avon and the way we live now

Full disclosure: I do not use Avon products, but some of them sound pretty cool now.

This post is about a lady who sells Avon in Las Vegas, New Mexico (the original Vegas!), is a single mom, has a wonderful blog, has super ideas, has no health insurance, and no longer has an ovarian cyst.

Birdie Jaworski writes wacky reviews and stories about selling Avon in a small New Mexico town, one of her latest product reviews was of a thing, and it really is a “thing” called Avon Tiara Boom-De-AyTM, and I hope you’ll just go read the review, because I can’t begin to explain it. Okay, it’s a hat-thing you put on your head for Fourth of July, but Birdie really gets the bizarreness of across way better than I ever could. You will see that this woman works hard for every Avon dollar she makes.

Birdie’s super ideas are many, but the ones I especially like are her downloadable FREE e-books of Avon product reviews, Does that Avon product work?, and tips for Avon Ladies, or whatever they’re called now. Do men sell Avon? It’s the 21st Century, I don’t see why not. Like I said, I don’t use Avon, but it’s been decades since I’ve even seen Avon and some of the new stuff sounds really cool. Like, the hand and nail cream stuff that helps your nails grow. I might get some of that to see if it helps my out of control, rock-hard, raggedy cuticles that drive me nuts. Birdie has tried these products and also collects reviews from her customers and fellow Avon Ladies, so they’re honest and amusing reviews. Selling Avon must be hard work, but she makes it sound like fun.

Which brings me to her recent posts about having an ovarian cyst removed,* which didn’t sound like fun and cut into her sales time. According to her blog, which I have no reason to doubt, Birdie makes enough on Avon to support her family, but only to carry health insurance on her kids. I’ve no idea how much her local social services will pick up on her hospital and treatment bill, but I can’t believe it will be very much. So, please go give Birdie a couple of bucks. You can get some e-books and a few laughs and help someone who usually doesn’t need help, but until we have universal healthcare, there’s going to be a lot of these stories. There’s a donation button on the right sidebar her blog. And if you need more reason, her boys are Trekkies and I think she’s even sold Avon in a NextGen uniform. But don’t quote me on that.

* Here’s the third and final essay in the series. (041207 GM)

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2 Responses to Avon and the way we live now

  1. Birdie says:

    Hi Ginger!

    Wow, thank you for such a beautiful write-up of my blog and my nutty adventures! I am deeply touched. I’m glad you enjoyed my review of Avon’s brand new Tiara Boom-De-Ay! ; )

    Tonight I’m writing a little story about guitar class. After I post it, I’ll add you to my Friends list. Thanks again, and I’ll be back to peruse your archives. It’s great to make a new online friend.

    Big hugs,

  2. Birdie,

    It was my pleasure. Hope you’re fully recovered, nice to have you back blogging up a storm, like ususal again. Thanks for adding me to your friends.


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