There goes the neighborhood

“A PSYCHOLOGICAL barrier still exists among home buyers here. Downtown is the center of an east-west divide, with the established and famous Hollywood Hills the hub of desirability to the west. To the east, there is a historic hilly area. If Angelenos know about it at all, they generally consider it a less attractive part of town.”
Northeast Los Angeles: Ready for a Close-Up, by Lisa Chamberlain, NYT RE, March 25, 2007 (via Franklin Avenue)

I foresee an explosion in the Hummer and Starbucks populations (like a Starbucks will open in Highland Park because there’ll be enough people who can afford it). Oh well. Must be time to move a little east and a little south.

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  1. skippy says:

    hey i didn’t know you were in la, ginger.

    how about that cahuenga pass fire, eh?

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