A primer on Iran for peace activists

“Iran is trying to make a nuclear bomb: Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It regularly allows U.N. International Atomic Energy Authority inspectors access to its nuclear facilities. Under that treaty, Iran has the right to enrich uranium in order to make electrical power. This program is the focus of arms control concern as the some process can be used to make weapons. Iran says it does not intend to make a bomb. The U.S. says it does. All intelligence agencies (with the possible exception of the Israelis) say that it would be years before Iran could make a nuclear weapon if that is its true intent. U.N. officials recently asserted that U.S. “evidence” about a planned Iranian bomb has not proved true.”


“Congress does have the power to stop an attack on Iran. There is no question that under the Constitution, Congress can refuse to allow the executive to spend our tax money on another war.”
Iran for peace activists, Happening Here, February 26, 2007

Has the U.S. signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? Anybody know?

There’s lots of good information in this post. Just say NO to more war.

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