Arnold Drake 1924-2007

Arnold Drake

Well, 83 years is a pretty good run. Arnold Drake wrote my favorite, and in my opinion, best Jonah Hex story for Weird Western Tales #20. You can read, here, how much I liked it. It’s the only book I’ve so far recommended anyone buy for their collection.

I met Mr. Drake last year at Comic Con San Diego. He was sharing a panel with Luis Dominguez and I asked Mr. Dominguez about Jonah’s facial disfigurement. Bless his little heart, Mr. Dominguez seemed not to understand my question, even after I repeated it, rephrased it, and practically danced it, even after Mr. Drake yelled at him, I still never got much of an answer. However, Mr. Drake was sharp as a tack and remembered the Jonah Hex issue he wrote like he wrote it yesterday. He was wonderful to talk to and I’m very glad I ditched the webcomics panel and joined his, swelling our numbers to, um, six, I think. Oh well.

Rest in peace, Mr. Drake.

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