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People of California – Yes on Prop 46

“It’s estimated that only 8 percent of California doctors check the database before writing a prescription for a controlled substance. New York and Virginia recently required mandatory checks of their CURES-type databases, reducing doctor shopping in those states by 75 … Continue reading

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Dr. Krugman and I

“Incidentally, these other factors are why I don’t take seriously the claims of market monetarists that the failure of growth to collapse in 2013 somehow showed that fiscal policy doesn’t matter. US austerity, although a really bad thing, wasn’t nearly … Continue reading

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House and Senate Nay votes on the budget and temporarily raising the debt ceiling tonight

Are these people insane? Senate Nay Votes Name Party State Vote Lee, Mike Republican Utah Nay Johnson, Ron Republican Wisconsin Nay Cornyn, John Republican Texas Nay Crapo, Mike Republican Idaho Nay Cruz, Ted Republican Texas Nay Enzi, Michael Republican Wyoming … Continue reading

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Mayerson GOTV: People of California

California launches online voter registration system You now have no reason not to register to vote. So please do so no later than October 21, 2012. Thank you.

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Mayerson GOTV: People of Virginia

How to register, and soon (29 days before the election), to vote in Virginia: Are you election ready? Yes? YES! Become a Registered Voter! Online Look up local voter registration offices Department of Motor Vehicles and their locations People of … Continue reading

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