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Drumroll, please

I’m really looking forward to the Obama Administration. I’m just a little annoyed that the first order of business – The Stimulus – is the political/economic equivalent of a 50-foot dive into a shot glass. It’s not that I don’t … Continue reading

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I hate electronic billboards

I hate all billboards, really, but I really hate the electronic ones. So I really like this: “Assemblymember Mike Feuer is introducing a statewide moratorium on electronic billboards, and I am fully supporting this effort. “Electronic billboards are cluttering our … Continue reading

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Lipstick Nation

“Khuraira, a make-up artist with 17 years experience, also noticed Mrs. O’s preference for a neutral lipstick palette. ‘Her constant choice of neutral lip colors is the ultimate endorsement of my belief that bold red is not the lipstick shade … Continue reading

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